How Local Marketing Solutions can help Your Business

Most small businesses are great at what they specialise in, but can't ever expect to be experts in everything that is part and parcel of running a business.


Marketing is one of those areas where many small businesses have little skill and so will often just take a 'stab in the dark' at try to get something to work.


At Local Marketing Solutions, I'm proud to be able to help small businesses to improve their local marketing so that it: 1/ Attracts new customers, 2/ Achieves more sales from existing customers and 3/ Helps you to reduce your current marketing costs.


The Email Marketing Guy

Hi, I’m Chris Towland and many of my clients call me “The Email Marketing Guy” because I’ve helped them to build a large email list of customers and potential customers… and then turn it into lots of extra sales for their business.

Whether you own a restaurant or shop, offer a service such as a builder or electrician, or are any other type of business that caters to local customers, an email list will help you to increase your revenue… and at a very low cost.

You can see details of some of the services I offer below and in the menu bar above, but as a starting point I’d recommend my free Email Marketing Profits course which you can find by Clicking Here.  Alternatively, if you are a restaurant owner or manager, then I’d recommend you start by Clicking Here.

Whether you have absolutely no idea of what email marketing is and how it could make you more sales, or you already have a list and want to make it more profitable, my free course will help!

I look forward to helping you to make more sales!



Email Marketing Done-For-You

Done-For-You-SideImage2If you want your Email Marketing to be as simple and pain-free as possible so that you can increase your sales without the hassle of learning and doing everything yourself, then my Done-For-You service will be perfect for you!

The service includes the initial setup of your autoresponder plus the monthly management of your email list and the sending out of your newsletters.Learn more...

Email Marketing Autoresponder Setup Service

Setup-Service-SideImageWhen you’re first getting started with email marketing it can be quite daunting to look at all the steps that need to be taken so that your autoresponder can start making extra profits for you. In fact, I have even spoken to businesses who have put off setting up their autoresponder for years because they couldn’t find the time to get it sorted.

My Autoresponder Setup Service will ensure that your autoresponder is set up correctly and quickly… and at a low cost.Learn more...

Email Marketing
Viral Prize Draw Software

ViralPrizeDrawsSideImageMy Viral Prize Draw Software is the perfect way to build a large email list quickly!

By creating a draw to win an exciting prize, you’ve given people a powerful reason to enter their email address and join your email list.  But the clever part is that by sharing the competition on sites like Facebook and Twitter, the person who entered boosts their chances of winning. In doing so, they tell ALL their friends about you, who in turn tell their friends etc.Learn more...

Increasing Restaurant Revenue

If you are a restaurant owner or manager then my short video will show you how I guarantee to increase your weekly revenue by at least £600 for a cost of just £50.ctvidimageI guarantee more diners in your restaurant or you get all of your money back!Learn more...

Mobile Websites

If a potential customer looks at your website on their mobile phone, can they easily find the information they’re looking for and can they press a button to call you? mobile111Or will they be squinting to read the text and scrolling around to try to find the information they’re looking for?

Mobile searches have quadrupled in just the last year and so if your website is like the latter, you will be losing customers!Learn more...

Search Engine Optimisation

If your business website does not appear in the 1st page of results in Google for relevant searches (ie hairdresser Derby), then you are losing potential customers.   rachelelnaugh
My 2 DVD set (as recommended by Dragon’s Den Star Rachel Elnaugh) will show you the simple way to get your website on page 1 where it belongs.Learn more...