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3 Things Smart Restaurant Owners Do to Grow Their Email List

How many people walk into your restaurant each day?

What about your website or Facebook page — how many people visit you there?

People are discovering and interacting with your business every day. And while many of them will be loyal customers who will come back on their own, there is a high percentage of people who won’t.

Smart restaurant owners know the importance of staying in touch with new and potential customers. And while there are a number of channels you can use to stay connected, no tool is more effective than email marketing.

A recent survey from research firm MarketingSherpa found that 91 percent of consumers like to receive emails from companies they do business with.

If you want to grow your email list and increase your profitability, there are a few simple steps you’ll need to follow.
1. Make it visible
Whether someone is sitting in your restaurant or visiting your website, they need to know that they have the opportunity to stay connected with your business by joining your email list.
Make an inventory of all of the places people interact with your business. You likely have a number of offline locations, including:

At the door when they arrive
At the bar when they are buying a drink
At your reception / till
Your menu
At the table when they are ordering or eating
As they pay
When they are leaving your restaurant

And there are probably plenty of online locations, as well:

Your Website
Social media pages such as Facebook
Online listing and review sites

Think about the ways people interact with your business in these different settings. Are you providing a way for people to sign up in-restaurant? When someone lands on your website, can they easily find a way to join your list and stay in touch […]

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Are you wasting the money you spend promoting your restaurant?

Where do you advertise your restaurant at the moment?

In your local paper? The Yellow Pages? A local website? Leaflet drops in your local area?

Each of these methods can of course bring you some extra customers but let’s look at where they could also be wasting your money…

Firstly let’s consider an advert in the local paper – this could easily cost £50, £100 or more for a display advert that appears in just one edition of the paper.

If you’re like many restaurants, your advert will give details about your restaurant and your food, maybe a special offer you are running, or perhaps a special event.

Hopefully you’ll get some customers from the advert… but the reader is only being given two options… 1/ Decide to come to your restaurant or 2/ Turn the page and read more local news.

For every person who turns the page, a little of your advertising spend has been wasted as he or she is gone, and you are forgotten. The only way to contact that person again is to pay more money for another advert in another edition of the paper.

Similarly with leaflet drops in your local area – You’ve paid for all of the leaflets to be printed and for them to be delivered, but every leaflet that ends up in the rubbish bin is wasted money for you.

With Yellow Pages or website adverts, your advert is only any good when someone sees the actual page that your advert is on, but again, will they just leave the page and forget you?

Is there a better way?

You’ll be pleased to hear that there is a better way – it’s only a slight variation on what you are doing already – it […]

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How to Increase Your Restaurant Revenue by Over £600 Per Week

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