How to reduce reservation no-shows by over 83%

No-shows cost your restaurant money!

A table you expected to be full sits empty and you had no idea they weren't coming!

If you had known, then you could have re-booked the table.

Did they just forget?

Did they change their minds but didn't let you know?

Were they ill and so couldn't come, but didn't let you know?

Whatever the reason - them not turning up has cost you money!

How many times has this happened in your restaurant in the last month?

How much revenue have you lost because of no-shows?

But, is there a solution?

Restaurant Reservation Reminders

Yes, there is a solution, and you'll be pleased to hear that it is both very low cost, and also only takes seconds per customer.

My Restaurant Reservation Reminders system can be used on your computer, tablet or even mobile phone and here's how it works...

On receiving a booking, you (or your staff) enter the diner's name, booking date and time, mobile number (and/or email address).

The customer immediately receives a text message (and/or email) confirming their booking.

One day prior to their booking, they receive a further text (and/or email) reminding them of their booking

Each text message and email has a link to a web-page with their full reservation information and importantly... methods for them to easily and quickly contact you if anything has changed, or they don't want their booking any more.

So, your Reservation Reminders system achieves 3 objectives...

  1. It gives the diner an immediate written reminder of their booking.
  2. It reminds them just before their reservation date
  3. The easy reply options make it far more likely that they will contact you if they need to cancel their booking.

And the result...

A huge reduction in no-shows

Less empty tables and so more diners in your restaurant

Increased profits for you!

Test the Reminders System for Yourself

Here is a demonstration version of the system for you to try...

This portal is where you'd enter your customer's details once they make a reservation with you. To test the system, enter your own details as though you've just made a reservation. 

Type your name, email address and mobile number, choose a reservation date and time, and click "Submit".

You will then be sent 2 demo texts and an email so you can see how the system works.

Of course, in your own system, your own logo will be displayed, as will your own restaurant name, address and telephone number.

Any details you enter below are solely used for the demo. I will not use the information to contact you.


Don't worry! The Restaurant Reservation Reminders system is very affordable and is based on the number of bookings you wish to add to the system each month:

Bookings Per Week

Bookings Per Month

Monthly Cost
















A huge reduction in no-shows

Less empty tables / more diners in your restaurant

Increased profits for you!

All for one low monthly investment

Your cost per booking is just 15p or less. 15p to dramatically reduce your no-shows and increase your profits!

Your One Week Free Trial

I know how much difference the Restaurant Reservation Reminders system will make to your restaurant and so I'm willing to prove it to you with a totally free, one-week trial! 

I will set up the entire system for you, with your logo and your details in the text messages, emails etc and you'll be able to test the system in real-time with your own customers for a full seven days.

Your monthly payments won't start until the eighth day, but if for any reason you wish to cancel before then, you won't be charged a penny.  There's also no long term contract, so you're free to cancel at any time in the future should you so wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

I look forward to getting your free trial set up and hearing from you soon about how much your reservation no-shows have been reduced.

If you have any questions about the system or how it could work for your restaurant, just let me know.

Best regards,

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