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Social Media for Restaurants
More Customers for your Restaurant - Guaranteed!

Using social media is no longer an option for a restaurant - it is essential!

Your customers are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and so you need to be active there too or you will lose diners to your competition.

And when you have a social media presence, you need to be posting the right type of content on a regular basis so that it is seen by your followers and helps to keep your restaurant at the forefront of people's minds when they are choosing somewhere to eat.

Social Media for Restaurants

So, how often should you be posting?

Well, let's consider posts to your Facebook page...

When you post on Facebook, each post will initially only be shown to around 5% of the people who like your page. Then, if the post gets engagement, such as likes, comments or shares, then Facebook will show it to more of your followers.

So unless you post regularly, your posts won't be seen by enough of your followers to make a difference to you.

And then of course, you need to be posting the right type of content to help you to not only promote your restaurant and your food, but also to encourage the engagement that forces facebook to show the posts to more people.

Preferably, you should be posting content to your Facebook page on a daily basis, but at the very, very minimum, you should be posting twice per week.

And that's just Facebook. Things are different again for posting on Twitter and Instagram!

6 Reasons why local restaurants need social media marketing

1. Social media marketing is cost effective
2. Social media marketing is interactive
3. Social media marketing is a huge opportunity
4. Social media marketing increases brand exposure
5. Social media marketing puts your restaurant right in front of your target audience
6. Social media marketing works!

Let me help you with your Social Media

As a restaurant owner or manager you have enough worry about running your business. It’s an all day task that requires your full focus.

That’s why it’s unrealistic to expect you to run your business and become a master of social media.

But as you've seen above, having a social media presence is important. Did you know that Facebook influences 52 per cent of consumers’ online and offline purchases? So, if you're not doing social media properly, but your competitors are, where do you think your potential diners will be heading?

I can help.

My social media services allow you to engage with customers where they spend most of their time. The services focus on driving new customers and delivering R.O.I. for your restaurant.

Starting at just £37 per month, I have plans to fit any budget. Let me help you to make sure your business stays relevant in today's digital age.

Tell me about your restaurant by filling out the form below and I’ll develop a plan to fit your goals and needs.


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