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Your Facebook Page Cover Image –
Is It Losing You Customers?

If you saw a huge billboard and it was just an image, what would you think of the company?... if you even knew what company it was!

Facebook gives you a free billboard, but are you losing out by using it wrongly?

Your Facebook cover image is shown right at the top of your Facebook page. In fact it takes up nearly one third of the screen when people first arrive on your page.

If your cover image is just a photo though, and in the case of many restaurants, not a very good photo, you are missing a massive opportunity to promote your business.

When done properly, your cover image can look highly professional and also can be used to highlight information about your restaurant. It could be used to tell us something that's great about your restaurant, to show a great review from a customer, or to promote an event or an offer, for example.

Any of these will help to turn your cover from just a picture to a salesman that actually works to attract diners to your restaurant.

To show you exactly what I mean and to prove what difference a professional Facebook cover image can make to your restaurant, I'd like to offer you a totally free, professional Facebook cover design.

The cover will be designed to your own requirements and will be sent to you within 48 hours.

I can only offer a few of these each week due to the time it needs, but to get your now, just Click Here.

Why is it free?

I specialise in helping restaurants to get lots of new customers as well as tempt their existing diners to return more frequently.

Giving you a free professionally designed cover is a great way for me to introduce my services to you and I hope that when you see how effective your new coner is, you'll want to see what else I can do to increase your profits.

There is of course, absolutely no catch and no obligation though. If you just use your free Facebook cover and never want to look at anything else that I can do for you, then that is perfectly fine.

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