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Even on the usually quieter midweek evenings.

Restaurant Marketing Maximum Impact System

My unique Maximum Impact System is guaranteed to bring lots of new customers to your restaurant as well as tempt existing diners to visit you more frequently!

To see full details of how the Maximum Impact System works, and how it will help you to dramatically increase your restaurant profits, please watch the video below...

More info on the options detailed in the video...

Birthday Club

  • Tempts people to dine with you on their birthday.
  • Massively increases the likelihood of them choosing your restaurant to celebrate with their friends.
  • Invites and reminders sent automatically by text message.
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    97%+ message open rates within 3 minutes of sending!
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    Tempts existing diners back and they bring new diners with them.
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    Result:  More customers and increased profits for you.

£39 per month

VIP Club

  • All of the features of the Birthday Club, plus...
  • Send an offer by text to every member of your birthday club, every single month.
  • Hundreds, or thousands of people receiving your offers every month and tempting them to come back to you time after time!
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    97%+ message open rates within 3 minutes of sending, so immediate marketing.
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    Tempts existing diners back every month - and they bring new diners with them.
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    Result:  More customers and increased profits for you.

£97 per month

Maximum Impact

  • All of the features of the Birthday Club and VIP Club, plus...
  • Email list of customers and potential customers built for you.
  • Newsletter with offers, events etc sent to the list every month.
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    Monthly Viral Prize Draw to rapidly grow your email list.
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    Regular posts to your restaurant Facebook page.
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    Regular Tweets to your Twitter account.
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    Targeted Facebook adverts to grow your Birthday Club and email list.
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    Creates an online buzz about your restaurant.
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    All of the above combine to build the valuable assets of a large email list and large text message list for you, which we use to increase customer numbers month after month after month.
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    Attracts lots of new customers to your restaurant and tempts existing diners to return to you more frequently.
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    Result:  Far more customers and increased profits for you.

£297 per month

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Birthday Club
  • VIP Club

Maximum Impact FAQ's

Will this work for my restaurant?

Yes, I guarantee that it will. I have been helping restaurants with their marketing for over ten years and the done-for-you services that I offer are the ones that have been proven time after time to get the very best results for my restaurant clients. The Maximum Impact system brings together all of my most powerful customer attracting techniques in one package.

Do I need to agree to any long term contract?
No. You are free to cancel at any time, although most of my clients have been with me for years because I get them excellent results.

How many Maximum Impact members does the £297 per month include?

Your £297 per month includes up to 5000 subscribers to your email newsletter list plus up to 2000 subscribers to your VIP Club text list.  So, that's up to 7000 people receiving your email offers, text offers to come to you on their birthday as well as your monthly text offer. If you go above 2000 subscribers to the text list, then each additional 1000 costs just a further £50 per month. So, 2001 to 3000 members is £347 per month, 3001 to 4000 is £397 per month.

Once everything is set up, what exactly will I need to do each month to get the best results?

With Maximum Impact, pretty much everything is done for you. You will need to let me know each month though, what information and offers you want sending out in your email newsletter and what text offer you want sending out. You will also need to let me know what I can use as a prize for your monthly prize draw. But that's all you actually need to do.

Of course, if you or your staff can do anything to tell your customers about the monthly prize draw or Birthday Club, then that will be a bonus, and will help your email and text assets to grow even quicker, so whilst I'd certainly recommend it, it's not a necessity.

How do I pay you?

Payments are made monthly by Direct Debit.

Is this GDPR compliant?

Yes, all of my systems are completely GDPR compliant.

I'm not in the UK. Can this still work for my restaurant?

Yes certainly. Whilst I am in the UK and so are most of my restaurant clients, I do have a small number of clients in the USA and other countries. Please contact me so that we can discuss your options.

Can I speak to you about the options available or other questions I have?

Of course! Simply click the button below to book a chat with me at a time of your choosing.  I'll then give you a call at the arranged time.  

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