Marketing Mistake #6
Not Keeping In Touch With Customers & Prospects
Regularly Enough

Let me ask you a question...

How often do you keep in touch with your clients, customers or patients and prospects? If your answer is less than once every month, then you’re missing out on an untapped goldmine.

You must keep in touch with your clients, customers or patients because…

  • You want to keep them for as long as possible (increase the duration they keep buying form you)
  • Get as much profit out of them as possible (by selling more of your products and services to them, and other complimentary products and services from other suppliers – known as ‘endorsed relationships’).
  • Marketing and sales is all about timing and changing circumstances. Just because someone isn’t interested in buying your product or service today, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be interested tomorrow.
Marketing Banana Skins

Let me explain this further…

Let’s say that at the moment you’re really happy with your car. You’ve got no intention of changing it. Therefore every advert, every mailing or any contact you have with a car dealer or car manufacturer is wasted on you.

Letters go in the bin without a second thought. You pick up your newspaper when the adverts come on TV. You simply aren’t interested. And nothing will prevent you at this stage from even considering changing your car.

However 3 months later your circumstances have changed.

You need to do more travelling and so you decide it’s time to look for a more suitable car.

Now every mailing, advert, or communication to do with cars is instantly given attention by you.

You’re “in the market” for a new car, and you develop an insatiable appetite to find out as much as you can about the cars which would suit you best.

This happens every single day when people are buying products and services.

If you don’t keep in touch regularly with your prospects you’ll never get “lucky” with the timing (this is also known as ‘The Moving Parade’ – people move in and out of the market depending on various circumstances).

By keeping in contact once a month the chances that you’ll hit the prospect at the right time are increased ten fold.

Do this one thing and your sales will increase.

Do NOT take this lightly.

Keeping in touch (or follow up as I call it) is one of the simplest yet rewarding marketing strategies you can use to significantly increase sales.

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