Restaurant Marketing Ideas -
Make It Easy To Call You

In this video we look at how some restaurants actually make it difficult to call them and how you can ensure you make it easy for your customers.

Here's another short video with a restaurant marketing idea.  And this one is...  

Make It Really Easy to Call You to Book or Place an Order

Take a look at your website, Facebook page and any other online presence, put yourself in the shoes of a first time visitor, and see how easy it would be for them to call you.

Is your phone number right there up front and in their face, or is it hidden somewhere at the bottom of a page that they need to search for?

And if you look at your website on a mobile phone, firstly does the website resize properly so that it can easily be read on a phone, and then is your phone number clickable to call you? I've seen a number of restaurant websites where their phone number is in an image and so to call them I'd actually need to memorise the number and then manually dial it!

It needs to be as easy as possible to call you so please make sure that a/ your phone number is VERY easy to find and b/ on your mobile site, just clicking the phone number will call you.

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