Marketing Mistake #10
Sending Your Brochure/Catalogue Without A Sales Letter

This is one of the 'dreaded sins'.

You must NEVER send your brochure or catalogue out without enclosing a sales letter.

If the reason you send your brochure to a prospect is to secure a meeting, then your sales letter must 'sell' the meeting, and explain why the prospect should give up their time to meet with you.

This is absolutely critical.

Sending a cover letter like the one below will NEVER give you the sort of result you can achieve…

Marketing Banana Skins

And I could have shown you hundreds of similar letters!

If the purpose of the brochure or catalogue is to secure an order, your sales letter must push for the order.

Sending a brochure out without a sales letter is like throwing money down the drain.

And if you think a one or two line cover letter will do the trick – think again.

There’s a well known saying we use relating to this mistake…

‘Your brochure tells, your letter sells’

Brochures cost hundreds even thousands of pounds to produce. Most are written so badly they never ever cover their costs, but a good sales letter will often ‘save’ the brochure and generate a good profit for you.

And just in case you were wondering what you should do if you can’t afford a brochure or a catalogue…

Send a sales letter instead.

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