Marketing Mistake #11
Not Having a Referral System

If your product or service is half-decent, then you’ll automatically receive referrals or recommendations from your clients, customers or patients.

It's a simple equation...

...the better you are – the more ‘unsolicited’ referrals you’ll get.

That’s what good business is all about. Agreed?

However, if you actively go after referrals and put in place a referral system, you’ll generate many, many more referrals.

Marketing Banana Skins

This can be as easy as asking your client or customer for the names of three people who like them would be interested in receiving some information from you.

You’ll be surprised at the increase in sales just from referrals if you put in place a systemised approach to get referrals rather than waiting for them to happen.

Here's the 'Success Formula' for creating a powerful referral system...

Good Business








Powerful Referral System

And don’t forget referral business is your best type of business.

You rarely compete on prices or fees, and these people tend to be people whom you enjoy working with! Better still… you’ll find that you convert a much higher percentage of referrals into clients or customers.

If you got just one referral from 50% of your clients or customers every year, what sort of difference would that make to your business? HUGE!

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