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Responding to Facebook Comments

This video explains the benefits of responding to comments left on your restaurant's Facebook page...

Here's another short video with a restaurant marketing idea.  And this one is...  

Make Sure You Respond to Facebook Comments

Do you keep an eye on your Facebook posts for comments or questions left by users?

As an example, you may post a photo of your special of the day and expect the comments to be of the "that looks delicious" variety. But I regularly see Facebook posts where someone comments "Is this vegan please?" or "will this still be available at the weekend?"

Keeping an eye on comments being left and responding as soon as possible shows that your restaurant is engaged with the community and cares about its customers. It also gives you the chance to answer questions that your customers may have about your food. Clarifying details about whether or not something is vegan, diabetes-friendly, or gluten-free can make the difference between someone making a reservation or heading to your competitor.

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