Restaurant Marketing Ideas - Showing Behind the Scenes

This video shows the benefits of showing your customers 'behind the scenes' in your restaurant...

Here's another short video with a restaurant marketing idea.  And this one is...  

Show Us Behind-the-Scenes in your restaurant

By this, I don't mean you should take all your diners on a tour around your kitchen as this is not practical in most cases, but you could certainly do this on social media with photos or a video of your kitchen area.

Everyone loves behind-the-scenes content, and getting an inside look into how your food is made and where it comes from is exceptionally appealing to customers.

On Facebook and other social media, as well as photos or videos of the kitchen itself, you could also consider videos of the chef talking about his culinary inspiration, talking about the local farms they get the ingredients from, or showing how they prepare certain dishes for a dinner service.

Not only is this interesting to see, but it also offers transparency for an area that is usually not seen, as well as build trust and a more personal connection with your customers.

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