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Video Marketing for Restaurants

Using Video to Promote Your Restaurant

People love watching videos and sharing videos online so adding video to your restaurant marketing mix can be a very worthwhile exercise.

Here are some strategies that can help you with video marketing for your restaurant...

Firstly... Keep your videos short!

You don't need to create a 2 hour film epic. In fact, people's attention span for videos is very short and differs from platform to platform, so here are the maximum recommended video lengths for the major social media platforms:

Facebook: 1 Minute
Instagram: 30 seconds
Twitter: 45 seconds
Youtube: 2 minutes

Video Marketing for Restaurants

I'm always a fan of creating content and using it in several places, so my suggestion would be that you try to keep all of your videos under 1 minute in length and then upload them to all of the above sites.

So the great thing is, with just needing 1 minute of content, you can make a video quite quickly and get it online and working for you. And if you find you've got too much to say for just 1 minute, then simply create two (or more) different videos and upload both of them.

So, what could you include in your videos?

Here's a few ideas...

1. Testimonials from your happy customers.
People love to see social proof and so you could ask some of your regular diners if they'd be happy to say a few words to camera about what they think of your restaurant, your staff and / or your food.
Just one customer's comments will be enough for a short video and so you could create quite a few videos like this.

2. Show your restaurant and your kitchen.
A quick video tour of the restaurant or a tour of the kitchen (particularly if you can show the chefs creating their delights) make for ideal video content.

3. Staff interviews
a. Your chef. Let your customers get to know your chef by filming a short chat with him or her. You could ask them questions about where they first learned to cook, their favourite dish etc.
b. The owners / managers / waiters and waitresses. Again, let your diners get to know more about your team by having a chat with them on camera.

4. Your food.
Making short videos of some of the amazing meals you serve is one of the best ways of video marketing for a restaurant. The more you can tempt the viewer with the dishes on offer, and particularly if you can make their mouths water while they're watching, the more they are likely to be walking through your door to try the food for themselves.

Whilst video marketing is not one of the main methods I use for my restaurant clients, it is a worthy weapon to have in your marketing arsenal. And with the quality of video that can be produced with little more than an iPhone, it is a method of promotion that every restaurant owner should consider.

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