Did You Panic When Facebook Went Down?

Yesterday, Facebook and Instagram were down for part of the day and Twitter was down at times too!

If you're like most people, this was simply a mild irritation because you really wanted to know what your friend Steve had had for his lunch and you couldn't see a photo of it.

For businesses that have ALL of their marketing and promotions on Facebook though, it was panic stations!

For them, not being able to post to their thousands of page followers and not having their ads running means NO SALES. When it's just a very short term thing, it's no major problem - but what if Facebook (or any platform) was down for weeks on end? It could happen!

So please take yesterday's events as an opportunity to consider whether all of your own eggs are in one marketing basket, or whether you'd be fine if the unthinkable happens.

With many of my marketing clients, I help them to build an email list, an SMS list and a Messenger bot list, as well as the usual followings on Facebook and Twitter. So, even in the event of one (or several) services going down, they'll still be able to market themselves to their customers.

What about your business? Would it be panic stations... or business as usual?

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